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Thai Masseur Pichest Style /  English version


Vision Thai massage


There are so many ways to look and practice bodywork or massage.

Where to start to learn what why and how. My teacher Ajhan Pichest always gives the same answer, JUST DO.


Mostly the way starts with learning techniques and a routine for most bodywork learning trajects. It is a good way and usually at some point in life you will meet yourself i.e. your limitations. And thats where the interesting part is. That is why people want or need to learn more, to grow and expand.

For me that is inherent with your own transformation in life. It is in a way logical. Learning can change someones view and perspective. In a way it is how good you know yourself, your awareness led by your intention.


So for me it starts with intention through awareness. This means automatically that you are fully present (as possible) and can observe without led by emotion but with compassion.

It can be seen like natural general knowledge is visible through the body with this observation. How to touch and feel are equal important to “see” the path of how connections run through the body. And there we come to body dynamics, that is how I see how the body interconnects and way of moving.

If one can recognize the patterns of how a body is constructed through life then automatically one can know the lines in the body.


Everything is information but doesn’t always have to be understood.


So if you can follow disruptive lines in the body there is the skill of how to approach what you want to do and why.

To be in the moment with constant observation in mind always try to see if patterns changes like breath, movement, sound or skin color changes.


So that is the challenge of awareness, to have a constant but soft focus of what is at that moment. Yes it sounds like meditation, because it is. It is like moving meditation. Hence the name awareness in motion.


To know what to do means also that your full body is capable of sensing, giving the appropriate pressure, supply safety and space, guiding through with the breath and intention, maintaining a relaxed structured pose when applying weight pressure and be with oneself with a compassioned heart.


This all needs trust by experience and an open heart.



Program of the course:

Weekend 1
Day 1 Basic body training How to work and move on the ground easily.
Basic positioning Training your workstructure for strong but relaxed working
Day 2 Rocking away Moving the body in rythmic ways for relaxation and therapeutic values.
Stretching + lines The famous stretchings to open up the body to aloow space.




Weekend 2
Day 1 Magic feet Making the feet work like hands subtle and deep
Standing tall See the benefits of massage standing on someone else
Day 2 Hips don’t lie How to work and open the hips in various ways
Chi Nei Tsang(belly work) The Taoist inner belly work for the emotions and deep work




Weekend 3
Day 1 Pichest style The amazing approach of depth but super relaxed
Day 2 Self care (2 hrs) Take care of yourself because its needed
Sit position (4 hrs) The various possibilities of working in a sit position




Weekend 4 Chair massage weekend
Day 1 Basic body training for a chair A whole weekend Thai chair massage and how to approach in its own way
Chair massage After this course can go directly to work as an Thai chair masseur.
Day 2 Chair massage
Chair massage


Weekend 5
Day 1 Prone position Specifics how to work on the back while lying in prone position.
Side position Specifics how to work on the side of the body
Day 2 Backroutine on the back(4 hrs) Unique approach of working on the back in back position. Working under the body with amazing results
Neck (2hrs) How to handle the neck in various ways




Weekend 6
Day 1 3D leverage pressure A deep and intricate way to work at points while manipulating the body to sink deeper.
Specials(compression, cranio) Special Thai techniques and therapeutics
Day 2 Diagnose (2 hrs) A view how to look and discover imbalances in the body and how to work with
Shoulders (4 hrs) How to open and work into the shoulders in various ways




Weekend 7
Day 1 Spiralflow Movement training to open up your own body and get insight how the works
Qigong Training the ancient art of standing meditation for grounding and structure and relaxation
Day 2 Traditional routine


What is the difference against the traditional routines
Theory explained An overview of the basic theory for more understanding




Weekend 8
Day 1 Repeat, repeat, repeat. Repeat, repeat, repeat
Day 2 EXAM The beginning…




Planning of the course Thai Masseur Pichest Style




Thai Massage Pichest Style Data
Basic body training/ positioning 19 September 2020
Rocking away/stretching and lines 20 September 2020
Magic feet/Standing tall 17 October 2020
Hips don’t lie/Chi Nei Tsang 18 October 2020
Pichest style/variations 14 November 2020
Self care/sit positions 15 November 2020
Thai Chair Massage 19 and 20 December 2020
Prone and side position 30 January 2021
Back routine and neck 31 January 2021
3D leverage pressure/specials 20 February 2021
Diagnose/shoulders 21 February 2021
Spiral flow/Qi Gong 20 March 2021
Traditional routine/theory explained 21 March 2021
Repeat 17 April 2021
Exam 18 April 2021



Practical information

Cost of this 16 days course are € 2400,00 including  readers and the costs for the exam.





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